Friday, December 13, 2013

Code Management & Homework assignment

Go Hawks!
Go Stanford (2 years in a row in Rosebowl!!!!)

Yesterday (Thursday 12-12-13) we talked about Code Management. 1st, we talked about a directory structure for your code. There are no hard-and-fast rules here, but for straight ahead client-side web development a common file structure is as shown below:

-ProjectDirectory (html files go here)
  -css sub directory
  -img sub directory
  -js sub directory

If we had a simple site named SpringsteenFanPage with a single index.html page, a css, js, and img file, the directory structure could look like this:

        - stylesheet.css
        - app.js
        - logo.png
        - bruceEarlyDays.jpg
        - bruceCurrent.jpg
        - EStreetBand.png

After the brief discussion on File Structure, I asked you to look at the file structure for the HTML5 Boilerplate project on GitHub. There are a lot more files here, but the structure matches what I've listed above.

When then talked about version control systems. I'm not going to explain version control systems in the blog. Instead, I'm giving all of you a homework assignment of watching 4 short videos that explain Version Control and Git. Git is one of the most popular version controls systems in use today. It is what all the cool kids use.

HOMEWORK (you will need to GTS! to complete these assignments--feel free to post questions here if you need help).

0. Create a GitHub account if you haven't already
1. Install latest Git on your development machine
2. Watch Git videos here:
3. Do this 15 minute Git online tutorial:
4. Download
5. Create your own Git Repository named “Html5Boilerplate”
6. Edit index.html to say “Hello World from YearUp!”
6. Add all files to your repository
7. commit and upload

8. Post link to your repository

Learning HTML5 Boilerplate will server you well in creating your own client side web projects.

BTW, here is a good resource with online tutorials for learning software development skills:

Go Hawks!
Go Stanford!!!


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