Monday, October 28, 2013

Exercise Day

We walked through two sample Google Chrome extensions.  The first one is called One-click Kittens and is described in Getting Started: Building a Chrome Extension.  We all created a Folder called ChromeExt on the Desktop and put the four files for One-click Kittens in the folder. We followed the instructions on the page getting started page for loading the chrome extension.

Then we briefly went over a few different types of Chrome Extensions on the Chrome Extensions Overview page.

  • Browser extensions
    • Always available
  • Page extensions
    • Only appear for specific web page
  • Content extensions
    • Can change the content of a web page every time it is loaded

One-click Kittens is a browser extension.  The most interesting are content extensions which can be used to automatically change the content of pages, to highlight things or remove things.

Finally, we walked through another browser extension sample called Page Redder described on the Sample Extensions.

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